Nowadays people prefers to lives in a housing society as they find bundles of facilities at one point. For large housing communities, it is tough to manage daily operations. So, it is inevitable to use some sort of housing society software. It helps to control several things at the same time by keeping the operation automatically.With the numbers of societies in the major cities, there is also plenty of such housing society management software are available in the market. Here is four most important functionality of a system, you need to keep in mind before purchasing it:

  • Accounting and Billing management

It is the most important part of any comprehensive billing and accounting management system. If a software has highly functional cash management and daily financial transactions audit modules, then go for it.

This will also make things easier for your society residents, as they access their accounts history by sitting at home and can pay utility bills online.

  • Efficiency

A super efficient system like uLiving in Pakistan is recommended. It offers customized and readymade reports and accounting modules. They can handle the management and statutory aspects without any hassles.

  • Easy to Navigate

Housing Society software is only successful if they have easy to navigation control. Those who have the basic computer operating skills can use the society accounting software effectively due to its extraordinary navigation.

  • Reports

Reports are the compulsory part of any apartment management software. The modern system generates reports automatically on the weekly or monthly basis, but you can also create reports by your own manually. A good property management software gives at length reports of all types.

Keep in mind the point mentioned above and go for a modern housing society management system uLiving.